Thanks for the assessment and for teaching my class last half term Jessica. The lessons were fab, the class loved having the equipment out and behaviour management was spot on all the way through

Liz Lingard (Ribble Drive Primary School)

We are very lucky to have such a good dance coach like Clare teach at our school. The children and staff that she worked with loved having her hear. It would be amazing if she could do all 3 days next year

St Thomas Primary School 

I watched him with the Y6 and Y4- they were all being challenged appropriately- he amended the task for a SEN pupil and through observation was able to coach children to improve aspects of their forwards roll/ cartwheel etc. The children worked to improve and progress was made through the lesson. Very impressive.' A parent of a reluctant boy who did not like to be touched said that 'there had been staggering progress' when she saw pictures of his smiling face after being supported in a headstand. The year 3 teacher said how impressed he had been with the lessons.

Springside Primary School